Every human being has an innate appetite to be appreciated, an undeniable desire to feel important and when you do these; it is almost an impossibility not to get the best out of people. It is on this background that many of our popular highlife and hip pop artists make a living; a very perfect life built on mostly appreciating people in their truest nature.

The entire modelling industry is built around this particular component of our human nature, appreciating the beauty of the human person and showcasing the hand work of God in its full glory.

We live in a society where most men hold high regards for ‘African’ looking women, yet the modelling industry fails to give such highly regarded persons the place they deserve in the industry.

People need to know that modelling is not exclusively meant for slim girls, that this trade can be engaged in by thick girls too and at the same time, they can make a sensible living out of it; there comes the need for a platform to give every thick African girl out there the confidence to believe in themselves and know that no matter the size of your body, you can do anything you wish to do in life without restraints. In so doing, change the status quo, inspire the African Girl to do more and be more.


Every contestant for MBBN 2018 must:

  • Be within the stipulated body sizes of: 12-26 and no less than 5’’2 in height.
  • Not have any tattoos or derogatory piercings on any part of her body and must not belong to any confraternity or socially unacceptable group.
  • Not be married.
  • Be physically fit and able to carry and control her weight comfortably as there will be workout in camp.
  • Not be pregnant or a nursing mother.
  • Not weigh more than 120KG.
  • Be within the age brackets of 17-26.


Every contestant for MBBN 2018 Must:

  • Have paid in full and registered for the Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2018 Registration.
  • Present the bank teller or any other valid means of confirmation of payment on the audition venue.
  • Be able to carry through with the other requirements of the competition (as deemed fit by the organizers) if selected for the grand finale.
  • Submit a headshot-to-shoulder and full length studio pictures without makeup and in white singlet and black jean trousers on a black background.
    • Please Note:

      *The face should be free of hair.
      *The body should have no derogatory piercing or tattoo.
      *The pictures shouldn’t be edited

  • Be at the audition venue on time as lateness can result to disqualification.
  • Come with other needed documents as required by the organizers, of which they shall be contacted beforehand through their emails or phone numbers.


A contestant can be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

  • Credentials are falsified.
  • If any of the terms and conditions for contesting in Miss Bold and Beautiful 2018 is not met.
  • If there is any form of unrest or commotion caused by the contestant during or after auditions.


A contestant can be evicted from the camp for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to follow camp rules.
  • Fighting or incessant quarrels in camp with other contestants.
  • Disrespect or disregard for the camp coordinator, instructor or any other staff taking care of the participants.
  • Failure to show up in camp on the arrival day or leaving the camp ground for any reason without due permission from the camp coordinator.
  • Buying and consumption of food outside the feeding schedule of the camp.
  • Lateness to rehearsals and workout.
  • Employing of external help during camp or scheming of any kind.
  • Trying to lobby or bribe any of the judges, staff, instructors or the camp coordinator.
  • Skipping of rehearsals or workout or any other routine on the camp schedule.
  • Not coming to the camp with the complete materials required of them.
  • Receiving visitors during the camping period


I hereby agree that all information I have provided on the course of registering for Miss Bold and Beautiful 2018 are true, correct.

I also agree that my interest to contest for Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2018, is of my own accord and that I was not coerced into doing so.

I also aknowledge that by making payment, filling and submiting the Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2018 registration form, I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of contesting for Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2018, and should be disqualified if I failed to do so.